Heidi Swanson

Turn down the noise.

Things have seemed very loud lately. Last week on my commute into the city, a woman eight rows behind me yammered for a full hour into her Blackberry about her boyfriend’s mysterious affliction. “Chuck’s skin is getting really weird –” she whined, as we pulled out of Stamford. For the love of god, I sighed. […]

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Our Most Important Food Rule and How to Break It: A Rant

We were at the Vince Lombardi Rest Stop in New Jersey, standing in the Popeye’s line. “I guess we could have the biscuits,” Susan said, squinting over my shoulder at the guy manning the fryolator. “Can’t–” I shook my head. “…white flour.” “We’re on a freaking line at Popeye’s, and you’re worried about white flour? What […]

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